Illinois State Quidditch



February MVP’s

Oh man! February is now behind us, so it’s time for our monthly MVP!!!
Although February was a pretty quiet month for this lovely club of ours, a pair of members stood out from the pack despite the cold weather keeping us all off of the pitch!

Our MVP lady Firebird is a member who really shined at our recent fundraisers! Her friendly demeanor and bright attitude drew in phat stacks of ca$h for the club, and plenty of positive PR for the club too!

That lady Firebird is…


On and off the pitch, Jess has been one of the most approachable and welcoming members of the club since her arrival, and thanks to her, the Firebirds are that much more friendly and fun!

Our MVP gentlemen Firebird is a member who brings very similar levels of kindness and good vibes to the club, all while have a Y chromosome instead of a second X.

That gentlemen Firebird is…


Whether he’s helping out at fundraisers (all of them) or feeling the burn at practices (all of them too), John has shown his commitment in every way possible. The club is lucky to have somebody so indiscriminately devoted and upstanding!

Thanks to our MVP’s this month, and thanks to everybody for being so generally awesome even during our cold slushy off season! Look out for next months MVP and do a little dance to the sun gods so we can get back to ruining our campuses grass!