Illinois State Quidditch



Illinois State University Quidditch Constitution

Article I: Organization Name

The name of the organization shall be: Illinois State University Quidditch

Article II: Purpose Statement

It shall be the purpose of ISU Quidditch to learn and play the game of quidditch, as it is a valuable, fun intramural sport that promotes co-ed teams and involves a wide variety of students of all ages and majors.

Article III: Membership and Eligibility Criteria

Section A: Membership is open to any enrolled ISU student

Section B: Membership is open to any non-ISU student who: (Current ISU students must make up over 50% of membership)

1. Goes to Heartland or another community college without a team

2. Receives special permission from the president and executive board

Section C: Dues and collection procedures

1. The fiscal year of the organization, shall be from Sept 2010 to May 2011

2. The amount of annual dues shall be determined each year by cost of game materials and travel costs

3. Dues shall not exceed $25.00 per year.

4. The disbursement of dues shall not be based on race, creed, religion, sex, or national origin.

5. Dues will be collected at the beginning of each semester.  Dues must be paid in full to be considered an active member.  Members joining late in the semester are still required to pay their full dues.  All dues will be collected by the Treasurer and deposited promptly into the ISU Quidditch bank account.  The Treasurer will keep an accurate and up to date list on all dues paid.

Section D: Active status of members

1. To be considered an “active” playing member of the club and be granted participation in house games, tournaments, and traveling events:

-Dues must be paid for that fiscal year

-Member must attend a minimum one fundraising event per semester

-Member must attend a minimum of two practices per month

-In order to be eligible to play in house games or travel, a member must be considered active for a minimum of one week before the event

-Member must attend at least one house practice per month

Section E: A member may be removed for:

1. The organization and its members agree to adhere to city, state, and national laws, to the

Student Code of Conduct, and the RSO Handbook – any member found violating this may be removed from the organization.

2. Not adhering to the active member status as laid out in Section D

Section F: Removal of membership procedures

Removal of a playing member will go as follows:

Removal from the team will go as follows: 

1)     A member will receive a minimum of one warning from the executive board

2)     By majority vote of the executive board, the member may be removed after not adhering to warnings

3)     In the event of a tie on executive board, the club advisor will make a recommendation as to how to proceed.

Removal from an executive position will go as follows: 

4)     A notice of inadequate service (via email) will be given if the executive has been deemed to have failed some or all of their responsibilities by the other executive board members

5)     Upon receiving notice the option will be given to resign or improve

6)     If improvement is not made in a reasonable amount of time (2 weeks maximum) the executive board will do a vote to remove the position holder. The position holder in question will be notified of the vote, and if by majority vote the person is removed he or she will return all Quidditch related material to the position and surrender their title.

7)     Upon notice of a vote, the position holder in question will be allowed to write a one page letter to executive board (sent to the president, distributed via email), explaining their position on the matter (due within 2 days) prior to the vote

8)     The person in question will not be allowed a vote

9)     In the event of a tie on executive board, the club advisor will make a recommendation on how to proceed

10)  The time from when a warning was issued to the time of the vote will serve as the member in question’s main defense

11)  Voting upon removal of an executive member will take place in person if possible (without the presence of the person being voted on), if not possible, will be conducted in an orderly manner by means determined necessary by the president

12)  Results of the vote will be sent via email to the member in question

13)  Voting will be anonymous and viewed only by the president unless the president is the member in question, in which case the vice-president will view and tally the votes

14)  Discussion of the removal will take place in private and in a respectful manner prior to voting, without the viewing of the member in question

Notes regarding removal or resigning from a position:

If you resign from a position for any reason you will still be allowed to run for that same or another position the following semester.  If you are removed by executive vote you will not be allowed to run for that semester until a one semester probationary period is served.

Article IV: Voting

Section A: Voting for positions will occur at the end of each semester for the applicable positions.  Only members who have paid all their dues and are on the active member list will be allowed to vote.  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will all be voted on by all active members.  House Captains will only be voted on by their own active playing house members.  Positions will have no maximum number of terms, any active member may run as many times and be elected as many times as the popular vote sees fit.

Section B: Proxy voting is not allowed

Article V: Officers

The Quidditch executive board will consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the House Captains

The positions will last as follows:  

President – One year

Vice President – One year

Treasurer – One year

Secretary – One year

House Captains- One Semester

Fundraising Chair-One Year

Marketing Chair- One Year

Section B: All officers must be members of ISU Quidditch and currently enrolled within Illinois State University or another community college.

Section C: The Advisor must be a full time faculty or staff member within Illinois State University.

Section D: Election of officers shall be held annually or each semester as previously noted, or by need. At least two weeks’ notice shall be given before the election meeting. Nominations will be accepted a minimum of one month prior to elections. The person receiving majority vote will be elected.

Section E: Any officer may be removed from membership by majority vote of the Executive Board. Any officer removed may appeal to the general membership. Said officer shall be considered reinstated with two-thirds approval of the members.

Section F: Any vacancy which may occur in an office shall be filled by appointment by majority vote of the executive board or if time permitting, an election by the general members.

Article VI: Duties of Officers

Section A: The Team Captain

1. The captain shall be the chief executive officer

2. The captain shall approve all committee chairpersons

3. The captain, with approval of the executive board and treasurer, directs the budget

4. Vacancies in offices will be filled by appointment of the captain and approval of the general membership and executive board.

5. The captain will be responsible for scheduling programs and travel

6. The captain will also maintain communication with IQA and other local Quidditch teams

Section B: The Vice Captain

1. The vice captain shall be the parliamentarian for the organization

2. The vice captain shall assume the duties of the president should the office become vacant, or in the absence of the president

3. The vice captain will keep and have available current copies of the constitution and bylaws

4. The vice president will perform other duties as directed by the president

Section C: The House Captains

1. Each house captain will maintain a complete and accurate account of attendance and membership status of their house members

2. Each house captain will have the ability to organize their own house-specific practices, as well as run group practices as directed by the team captain

3. The house captains will perform other duties as directed by the president

4. Each house captain is responsible for attendance of their members at house vs. house games

5. House captains will send the president their dates of practice to be included in the weekly email notes.  House practices will also be added to the calendar of events.

Section D: Marketing Chair

1. The Marketing Chair will be in charge of distributing flyers to advertise games or practices

2. The Marketing Chair will help in arranging games versus other schools

3. The Marketing Chair will coordinate with the Fundraising Chair to advertise events

Section E: Fundraising Chair

1. The Fundraising Chair will be in charge of organizing fundraising events for the team

2. The Fundraising Chair will help in collecting fundraising ideas from the team members

3. The Fundraising Chair will partner with local business and restaurants to help fundraise

4. The Fundraising Chair will work together with the marketing chair to ensure events are successfully promoted

Section F: Secretary

1. The secretary will book all venues for use by the club

2. The secretary will coordinate scheduling for the club

3. The secretary will perform other duties as directed by the president

5. The secretary will be in charge of executive meeting notes

6. The secretary will take attendance at all events

7. The secretary will be in charge of liability waivers and turning them into our club advisor

Section G: Treasurer

1. The treasurer will keep accurate records of expenditures of the club

2. The treasurer will be in charge of all bank statements for the club account

3. The treasurer will make prompt payment of all charges to the club

4. The treasurer will collect club dues and deposit all club money into the club account

5. The treasurer will perform other duties as directed by the president

6. The treasurer will administrate the majority of merchandise and sales for the club

Section H: Advisor

1. The advisor shall assist the group in the execution of roles and responsibilities

2. The advisor shall provide feedback to the organization regarding its operation and functioning

3. The advisor shall serve as a resource

4. The advisor should provide advice upon request, and also should share knowledge and expertise

5. The advisor shall be a full time faculty or staff member of Illinois State University

6. The advisor will be a nonvoting member of the organization

Section I: Referee

1. All Referees will be required to hold an executive board position.  Any Referee will not be allowed to Ref a game that their house is playing in.  There will be one field referee and two goal referees present at all times.  In the event that there are not enough executive board members present the President will designate temporary goal referees.

Article VII: Executive Board

Section A: The following positions constitute the executive board of ISU Quidditch:

1. President

2. Vice-President

3. All house captains

4. Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Fundraising Chair

7. Marketing Chair

Article VIII: Notice of Meetings and attendance

Section A: The times for weekly intramural practices will be announced at least one week ahead

Section B: At least 2 weeks’ notice shall be given for house games

Section C: Special or emergency meetings may be called with less than 2 days notice by the executive board.

Section D: The meetings shall consist of practice games unless otherwise noted

Section E: House captains may call their own practice with at least 5 days notice

Section F: Captain meetings may be called with less than 2 days notice by the executive board

Section G: Captains will meet once a month with the president to report on house activities

Section H: Attendance will be taken at each Quidditch sponsored event and practice.  The secretary will keep an accurate list of all attendees.  If in the event the secretary is not present the vice President will take attendance.  If the Vice President is not present the President will designate a House Captain to take attendance.

Article IX: Sorting of New Members

  1. New players will be sorted by the House Captains in conjunction with the President and Vice President.  They will assign players to houses on a need basis and using good judgment and majority vote.  New players will be sorted after they have attended at least two team practices.
  2. New players sorted as stated above, will be informed of their houses during the house sorting ceremony, or by email if they cannot attend the ceremony.
  3. If in the event there are more new players than the houses can take in a new house will be formed.  A new house will only be formed with the majority approval of the Executive Board.  The new house will be formed and the Captains will be volunteers from current houses.  If more than two Captain volunteers are present the executive board will vote and select two.  Other players wishing to change houses to help fill the new house will have their request evaluated by the Executive Board.
  4. Members sorted after the initial beginning semester sorting event, will be sorted by the president and vice-president onto houses by need
  5. Members may appeal to change houses, by an official appeal letter, to the executive board. This is only in the event of extreme circumstances.

Article X: Parliamentary Procedure

Section A: ISU Quidditch Rules of Order Revised shall be followed by the organization in all cases involving parliamentary procedure when it does not conflict with the constitution.

Section B: The rules may be suspended by two-thirds vote of the present membership



Ratification Date: 03/15/2012