Illinois State Quidditch




Illinois State Firebirds was established in 2010 with only a handful of members. The team is now in its third year and growing rapidly every year. With more than seventy members they are the biggest quidditch team in Illinois. Not only has the Firebirds grown in size but also in skill. They’ve attended many events within the past year the most important being Midwest Cup in which they placed for World Cup. Firebirds are the only team in Illinois to place for the World Cup this year and hope to make their home state and school proud. They are also planning on host the largest Midwest even in the spring that will be taking place in Rockford, Illinois. They are hoping that Rockford will possibly lead them to hosting the Midwest Cup or even the World Cup sometime in the near future.


Placed Seccond in City of Champions Tournament

Placed Seventh in Midwest Cup

World Cup Qualifers

*from fall ’12 to spring ’13



The human equivalents to a peak physically/genetically enhanced tigers, the Firebirds are a team that not only gracefully displays their athletic prowess, but they have the internal beauty to back it up. From communicating at supersonic levels while playing (similar to a dolphins sonar), to reflexes during game play similar to an antelope outrunning a fat, malnourished cheetah, the Firebirds are a force to be reckoned with. Also they are very beautiful externally.



As a team, we are passionate about spreading the message of quidditch. We all pour are hearts and souls into the sport, and even sometimes our blood. As a community, the team volunteers regularly in the town of Normal, as well as promotes events for children all over Illinois. We are a team that cares about stuff, a lot of stuff. We commit our lives to the sport, and we all love what we do. (playing quidditch) The Firebirds always give 100% effort no matter what!



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